Paul Daffey is a Melbourne journalist who has written about footy for 30  years. His radio work includes a weekly local footy show on RSN and the occasional show on the ABC.

In 2015 and 2016, the PD Footy site featured weekly podcasts on local footy and a weekly interview with a former AFL player. In 2017 the podcasts concentrated on country footy.

Since then, Paul Daffey has been working on other ventures in footy and beyond.

Join the emailing list for updates on the goings-on at PD Footy.

Email: pauldaffey27@gmail.com

Phone: 0417 160 911


Local Rites: A Year in Grass Roots Football in Victoria and Beyond (2001)

Beyond the Big Sticks: Country Football Around Australia (2003)

Behind the Goals: The History of the Victorian Country Football League (2017)

Chapters in books

Black and Blue: The Story of Football at the University of Melbourne (2005)

The Barrackers Are Shouting: Stories of Collingwood From the Grandstand (2006)

The Rise and Rise of the Essendon Football Club (2009)


The Footy Almanac: The AFL Season One Game at a Time (2007-2013)

Footy Town: Stories of Australia’s Game (2013)

Athenians and Red Invincibles: The Origins of Queensland Football (2015)


The photo on the home page was taken by Paul Daffey at Swifts Creek in 2014.

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