Paul Daffey is a Melbourne journalist who has written about footy for 25 years. His radio work includes a weekly local footy show on RSN and the occasional show on the ABC.

In 2015 and 2016, the PD Footy site featured weekly podcasts on local footy and a weekly interview with a former AFL player. In 2017 the podcasts concentrated on country footy.

In 2018, Paul Daffey is gathering material for half a dozen essays on country footy at the end of the season.

Join the emailing list for updates on the goings-on at PD Footy.

Email: pauldaffey27@gmail.com

Phone: 0417 160 911


Local Rites: A Year in Grass Roots Football in Victoria and Beyond (2001)

Beyond the Big Sticks: Country Football Around Australia (2003)

Behind the Goals: The History of the Victorian Country Football League (2017)

Chapters in books

Black and Blue: The Story of Football at the University of Melbourne (2005)

The Barrackers Are Shouting: Stories of Collingwood From the Grandstand (2006)

The Rise and Rise of the Essendon Football Club (2009)


The Footy Almanac: The AFL Season One Game at a Time (2007-2013)

Footy Town: Stories of Australia’s Game (2013)

Athenians and Red Invincibles: The Origins of Queensland Football (2015)


The photo on the home page was taken by Paul Daffey at Swifts Creek in 2014.

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